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Back-to-school meeting between parents can clear the air

On Behalf of | Aug 25, 2021 | Child-Related Matters

With children heading back to school, it’s a good time for divorced parents to cover important matters with each other and avoid misunderstandings.

You’ve probably led a more casual life over the summer. You may have relaxed visitation schedules and, depending on the ages of your children, you may have given them more control over where they stayed and where they went for three months.

This is especially true of school-age children, and the following are matters you may want to discuss:

  • Who will take the children shopping for clothes and school supplies and who will pay for them?
  • How will the children get to school, where will they be after school and what is the bell schedule?
  • If one parent has the school calendar, it’s important to share that with the other parent.
  • When are meet-the-teacher night, parent-teacher conferences and other important dates?
  • If a child participates in extracurricular activities, do both parents approve of that activity? In the case of drill team, band or other activities that require extra fees and expenses, who pays for that?

This is the time to reiterate any agreements or understandings by the parents. Those are best handled in open sessions with parents and children attending. But if such conversations often lead to conflict situations, you may consider submitting them to each other in writing.